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The last minute Nano change

Okay, you know how I have a community all set up for the NaNo this year and research and an outline and summary and everything? Well, funny thing about that... life is what happens when you are making other plans.

I had another story spring into mind, with characters, plot, world, and so forth nearly fully formed. It's the story of a necromancer named Heck (Hector Vargas) , his pushy sister Charmaine, his zombie secretary Rhonda, his skeleton butler Mr. Bones, and his intern Newt. It's kinda cute and funny, it maybe might be a YA story (but I don't know if I can write clean enough for YA - I have a kinda foul mouth and I tend to write some bad jokes in), some sort of supernatural genre maybe.

Anyhow, because I don't want to lose the gift of a story that's pretty much sprang into my head and danced around saying 'Write me! Write me!' , last minute change it is.

The new community I will be posting my writing from is heckromancy - please join if you want to read along as I will be posting the entire novel as I progress, friends only.

Sorry for any inconvenience.
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Monkees 1986 and beyond Survey

Please take a few moments to fill out the survey in a comment (or comments if necessary). This will help me add some details to the book - the Monkees 20th Anniversary tour is an important backdrop to the story, and the more detail I can have on this the better the story will be. Don't worry if all of the questions don't apply to you - just answer the ones that do. Thanks!

If you would like to keep up with the story as it is being written, join the community. All story entries will be written in the month of November, and will be posted friends only.


1. What do you remember about the Monkees 20th Anniversary?

2. Were you aware of the Monkees before 1986? In what form?

3. What channel did you watch the Monkees on in 1986? What was your local station / area?

4. Do you remember any teen magazines or other media that had Monkees articles in 1986-87? Names, specifics would be helpful.

5. Did you attend the Monkees 20th anniversary fan convention in Philly? What are your memories of this?

6. Did you purchase any Monkee merch at concerts in 86? What was it?

7. Concert experiences - any small details you can remember are helpful. Pictures?

8. How did seeing the Monkees live change your perspective of the band?

9. Did you go on to see any other live shows?

10. Memories of the opening bands (Gary Puckett and the Union Gap, the Grass Roots)?

11. Did you remain a Monkees fan after 1986, or did you rediscover the Monkee fandom at some point in your life?

12. What is your favorite Monkees episode? What do you like about it? What happens in it?

13. Who is your favorite Monkee and why?

14. Which Monkee do you feel is the most talented and why?

15. How did your opinions of the Monkees change as you got older?

16. Do you listen to any of the band members current music projects? If so who, and what.

17. Were your friends also into the Monkees? Did a friend introduce you to the Monkees? Did you introduce other friends to the Monkees? How did the Monkees affect your friendships?

18. Any specific stories / anecdotes you'd like to add

Thank you for any help you can offer!
--Laura Cushing
me with gloves

The Monkees 1986 '20th Anniversary ' North American Tour

Dolenz, Jones and Tork
(May - December 1986)

"Critics of the band wouldn't believe it--and they certainly wouldn't have been there to witness it themselves--but The Monkees are a legitimate rock and roll band. They're also entertaining, something that can't be said about some of their '80s counterparts. The Monkees are a hard act to follow."
-USA Today review of the Monkees' concert at Jones Beach Amphitheater in New York City, 7/26/86

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